Review: Lawyer Up (Rock Manor Games) – English

OBJECTION! While you are shouting this, you bury some evidence which may harm your client. In the meanwhile, the prosecution takes revende and sends the tabloids after your client: trial by media! 

While in proper EU courts such oddities may rarely occur, in the fictitious court room of Lawyer Up (by Mike Gnade and published by Rock Manor Games) such odd moves occur way too often! Are you a true Matlock or a slippin’ Saul Goodman? Let’s find out!

Lawyer Up is a so-called asymmetric card game for two players. This means that each player is uniek compared to each other. One player will act as the defense, while the other plays the prosecution. In unique cases you will pull every trick in the book to convince the jury! Examples of such tricks are trial by media, burying evidence, applying logical fallacies, getting chummy with the judge and using loopholes.

Which tricks you are able to play, are dependent on the character icons on each witness’ or suspects’ cards. The icons must partly match with the ones on your own cards. This creates an unique argument for every case and witness. If you score the most points by applying arguments and actions, you may count the difference between the points of you and your enemy player and use that difference to sway the jury. If you convinced the most jury members in the end, you win the game!

Kim Wexler (or at least a look-a-like) being on the cover of the game promises a court room drama where you may have to go far… sometimes too far! You need this win! Lawyer Up is a masterful two-player card game with nice artwork, funny flavor text en great (non-)legal tricks, combined with jokes non-lawyers may also appreciate. Objection overruled, as this game convinced my jury!