Review: Harry Potter Loteria (the Op) – English

Are you still waiting for your letter of admission to Hogwarts and taking classes in Spanish for Sorcerers alongside Defence Against the Dark Arts? Or perhaps you have young children who want a slightly more challenging game than Bingo and love cheerful pictures? Then Harry Potter a Lotería might be for you.

In Harry Potter Loteria, everyone has their own unique card with a grid with all kinds of characters from Harry Potter depicted on it. During the game, a card with a figure on it is always drawn from the deck, which you check against your card. Do the pictures match? Then you place a token. If you have four chips in a row or four in a square, you have won.

Loteria is a traditional Mexican game that combines bingo with cards. The cards are often colourfully illustrated. In this case, with Harry Potter themed illustrations. Each card is accompanied by the Spanish captions and because Loteria cards often include the name of the object under the illustration, they are used in North American schools in Spanish language lessons.

Loteria is simply put, Bingo without balls, but cards. Basically, the game contains no strategic element nor does the game require any thought. It is pure luck. That becomes different when you start playing with certain additional rules, such as time limits to check if you have the figure. What is funny is that the text of the game is often in Spanish (the manual is in English, of course!). That way, you, or your child, can learn a thing or two about the Spanish language. There is less Spanish language in this Harry Potter version of Loteria, as the characters involve many Harry Potter characters. Want a bit more Spanish? Then Hello Kitty and Friends Loteria is better suited for you. Do you need a Harry Potter version of Bingo, without needing a whole bingo machine? Then this edition of Loteria might be for you