Review: Escape Deathrace 2182 Micro (GoodDay’s Games) – English

The year is 2182. Neon lights burn brightly, but the landscape is grey, brown and barren and a sharp guitar riff rumbles in the background. In this neo-futuristic version of the 1980s, evil aliens, the Zilla, have conquered the universe. In style, six suitable individuals must take part in a race to the death. Armed with the most brutal cars, tough sunglasses, rattling guns and radical sunglasses, these drivers try to blast the Zilla and their leader Twisted foOk back into the distant universe. Posing as a real Mad Max, Frankenstein or Machine Gun Joe, will you be able to escape this race alive? Pedal to the (heavy) metal, baby! In Escape Deathrace 2182 “Micro”!

This small tin box contains a lot of game. Players will find a lot of cards, tiles, cubes and trackers to set up the Death Race. Players sort the different cards and tiles, each player is assigned a random character and the race can begin. In this semi-cooperative game, players must defeat the Zilla together, but only one person can escape alive. Therefore, use your weapons to stop your “friends” in the many drive-by’s that will occur in Escape Deathrace 2182 .

Players will take turns exploring the road by placing tiles (pieces of highway) and moving their cars. At the beginning of a turn, a player draws one of the D4 cards to determine how many tiles must be drawn and how many tiles a player may move. Tiles must logically be placed adjacent to each other in order to extend the road. In this way, each game creates a different route. There are special road sections with special effects. If a player lands on a Route 82 tile, an event card is drawn with special events as a result. If a player lands on a hazard tile, a D4 card is drawn with all its consequences. Also, monsters may appear which players must defeat to progress in the game.

Players who drive past another player can perform a “drive-by” attack. If players end up on a road tile together, a “battle-it-out” takes place. The D4 cards are also used for attacks and possible defensive actions. The name D4 might have already given this tidbit of information away but these cards take the place of D4 dice. As a result, the game is able to fin in a small box, but players can of course also play with dice to their own preference. However, the D4 cards contain all the information a player needs! With special weapons and powers, players can damage other players and the aliens. Last one standing, wins!

Escape Deathrace 2182 Micro is a dungeon crawler with a quirky theme in a handy format. Just like other dungeon crawlers, players must first discover the dungeon (in this case, highway) and take turns performing actions to eliminate their enemies. Deathrace is therefore highly recommended for fans of dungeon crawlers, lovers of big games in small boxes and radical racers!