Review: DWAR7S Winter (Vesuvius Media) – English

DWAR7S: Winter is part of Luis Brueh’s series of dwarf games, published by Vesuvius Media. In spring, we raised dragons and built a village into a well-oiled machine. In autumn, we made our dwarves work to prepare for winter, because ‘winter is coming’. Many monsters threaten the dwarves. Can you fight back in this semi-cooperative castle defence game and survive the cold winter?

Each round monsters move towards the castle. Players take actions to collect goods and warriors and fight the monsters. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins, but it’s hard to defeat the monsters alone, so you’ll have to work together.

DWAR7S: Winter is a simple castle defence game. A more seasoned player (ha ha) will probably get more enjoyment out of Kingdom Rush, but the cheerful graphics by Luis Brueh and the simple mechanics make it basically suitable to play with the whole family. Note that the game can be quite merciless, so you may need to play with younger players on an easier difficulty level.