Review: Dice Command (Ejected Planet) – English

ATTENTION! MARCH FORWARD! In Dice Command from Ejected Planet, you execute the orders and use your dice as workers and soldiers battle it out on the battlefield. Will you win the war or will you victory be AWOL?

In Dice Command, players take turns rolling their available dice and perform actions with these dice and other resources (can you call soldiers resources?) by placing them on different cards. This way you can earn money to finance other actions, send soldiers to the front lines of the battlefield, recruit soldiers and many other actions. Actions are available on your own command cards, but there is also a shared deck of cards where three actions are open and the actions are refreshed each time they are used or when a turn ends.

Players can improve their own action cards by doing research, and with research they can even develop an atomic bomb to turn the tide of battle!

Eventually, players will place soldiers on the battlefield through actions. The value of the placed die indicates the rank and also the strength. Heavy infantry or armoured soldiers (two dice stacked) are stronger but less manoeuvrable than the light infantry. If you meet another soldier, the values of the dice will be deducted from each other. Thus, it may be useful to sacrifice your dice to weaken approaching even stronger evil. Just collateral damage… Fortunately, these dice are easy to replace.

Players move their dice around the battlefield while fighting and hope to get “behind enemy lines”. If you manage to get enough soldiers there, you win the game! Dice Command is game with light-hearted gameplay and a heavy thematic sauce poured over it. Taking the right actions at the right time is great fun, but the luck of the dice and the various cards ensures that it is not just about planning and that both players have a chance. The many cards also sometimes make the game feel a bit unbalanced, as some actions (such as placing mines or sabotaging actions) will not always be available in every game. In addition, the use of research feels like the winning strategy, and the race to develop an atomic bomb will often be a straightforward arms race. All in all, a fun game for fans of worker placement, strategic war games and a bit of luck!