Review: Boba Mahjong (Sunrise Tornado Game Studio) – English

Do you ever drink bubble tea (or boba as it is also called)? The Asian delicacy in which intense tea is combined with milk, syrup, all sorts of spices, toppings such as, of course, tapioca balls or jelly? Then you know that the flavour combinations are often endless. In Boba Mahjong, you’ll combine different flavours and toppings to score the most points in each round. Will you be the first to spill your hot tea?

Boba Mahjong is, as the name suggests, inspired by the classic mahjong game, where players try to make sets of solid tiles. In this fast paced card game, 2 players will also make sets. Each turn you may draw cards and/or play up to a maximum of 3 sets. Each set consists of 3 cards of succeeding value, the same value or all toppings. You may keep one card of a played set to score points at the end of the round. The other cards go into the open mix piles. You and your opponent can then draw or use the cards in the mixed stacks. So pay attention to what you draw.

At the end of the round, you choose a maximum of 6 cards to score with. You score points for equal or different colours, values, consecutive values and toppings. It is quite a dilemma and puzzle to choose which cards to use for this. For every 5 points you earn, you get a cube. These cubes ultimately determine victory and provide a very nice twist. If you earn 14 points during a round, you only get two cubes. So you’ll really have to do your best not to fall victim to a vicious round’s ending!

Boba Mahjong is a fast paced card game for 2 players with a fun twist in scoring due to the different rounds and the point cubes. In addition, the game has a cute design and is easy to explain, but the interaction between players is high and the cards are limited, so this cute game can be vicious! Cheers!