Review: Biss 20 (Drei Magier Spiele) – English

When I was still a student at my university, I used to play drinking games where you weren’t allowed to say certain numbers or where you had to portray the numbers correctly. In Biss 20, you and your fellow players will try to count to 20. It seems easy, but each round you’ll get new tasks that will make counting, especially in a large group, not so easy anymore. I’m not saying that Go for 20 is a perfect drinking game (spoilers: it is), but even for the littlest ones, this is great fun. 1, 2, 3, hahahah…

Each round, you draw a number card and an task card. The task cards show a certain task that you have to perform in combination with the number on the number card that was drawn at the same time. The tasks vary from making sounds instead of the numbers to making certain hand movements. After a while, you get more and more tasks and it is difficult to keep your attention. Hilarious all round!

Biss 20 is another fun party game from Drei Magier Spiele, known for the great games Cockroach Poker. Very nice to play for during Halloween because of the spooky bat on the cards!