Review: Bad Company (Aporta Games) – English

Like a real George Clooney, you must assemble your own team of villains to carry out bank and other robberies. A kind of “Dice’s Eleven”. Try to be the first to get the biggest loot, recruit the best villains and escape the city in your getaway car. Are you in bad company, or are you not a hardened criminal at all?

In Bad Company, by Aporta Games, you and the other players each have a team of crooks at your disposal. The active player rolls 4 dice each turn and makes 2 pairs of dice. The active player may use either pair to activate his or her gang member of the same value. The other players may use 1 pair.

By activating criminals you can work on robberies (by completing matching symbols), move your getaway car around the city or collect money. Money allows you to re-roll dice and recruit new criminals to improve your gang. Place an acquired criminal card on top of a criminal of the same value to make this criminal longer, stronger and hopefully more valuable (upgrading makes a criminal take more actions when you activate it).

By completing robberies, you get bonuses and points and you also get points for criminals at the end of the game. As soon as a player has completed 6 robberies or when a criminal manages to leave the city or the police cordons off the city, the game ends. The player with the most points wins.

Bad Company is a wonderfully simple and intuitive board game that resembles Space Base and Machi Koro. The active player rolls the dice and influences the roll, but all players can benefit from the roll. By upgrading your team or completing robberies, you set up a real criminal system that can lead you to victory. The gameplay feels fast and natural. Highly recommended for both beginners and experienced players looking for a light-hearted yet tactical game. Criminally simple!