Review: Arnak: Expedition Leaders (Czech Games Edition) – English

The Lost Ruins of Arnak is one of the biggest hits of 2021. Arnak is, in fact, a fantastic and atmospheric game. The mix between worker placement and deckbuilding works flawlessly and even elegantly. The game is simple enough in its setup, but contains enough depth through the variety of choices, cards and different locations. Because of this variation, every game is different. Although the game already had enough variation (including the double-sided game board and the different locations and monster tiles), there was definitely room for more choices, game elements, depth and variation. With the Expedition Leaders expansion, players get so much more game to explore. Ready to lead this expedition?

Expedition Leaders contains a number of modules that players can add to the game. A new discovery track allows players’ journey of discovery to unfold differently. New items and assistants provide new bonuses and tactics. New monsters offer a new level of challenge. The most game changing addition is the asymmetrical expedition leaders that replace the player boards from the base game. Here, each player starts with a different starting position and slightly different skills. Players are thus already steered in a certain direction in terms of their starting strategy.

The expansion does not turn Arnak upside down, but it certainly does not need to. Expedition Leaders offers more of the same and gives players some extra variation on the already very varied base game. This allows players to discover and enjoy even more of Arnak, but it remains familiar. As far as a wild and untamed jungle can feel familiar…