Review: All on 1 Card (NSV) – English

All on one card? That sounds tricky! Fortunately, you have more cards to score with in this new dice game from the creator of Qwixx.

In All on 1 Card each player has several cards that together form a kind of modular score sheet. The active player rolls all dice and may re-roll them a maximum of two times. Then all players may cross the entire roll. The catch: you can only place crosses on one card and if you cannot place all the colours on your chosen card, you are out of luck.

If you manage to get three rows on a card, you score points for this card, depending on the rows and the amount of rows. As soon as a player has “completed” three cards, the final scoring takes place. The player with the most points wins!

All on 1 Card is an entertaining and simple dice game. It is from the creators of Qwixx, Qwinto and other dice games and you can sense that immediately. It feels like a sister of these games. Therefore, I would like to describe the game as a kind of modular version of Qwixx. Very nice for the lover of simple dice games with a very short explanation! Nice and quick – and everything on 1 card (so handy)!