Review: 1 Night Ultimate Werewolf (Bezier Games) – English

Everyone knows the game Werewolf. You are secretly assigned a role, then everyone goes ‘to sleep’ and a number of players wake up during the night. A number of players are werewolves and will hunt down (mostly) innocent civilians during the night. Other players may have other special roles that can also throw a spanner in the works of the werewolves or other civilians. Werewolf is great fun to play with a large group in an exciting setting. However, the game has two disadvantages: 1. most players will be civilians (unless many special roles are added) and 2. eliminated players do not play anymore and that is really a shame.

1 Night Ultimate Werewolf takes Werewolf and solves these two disadvantages. This smooth game lasts only one night and almost every player has a special role. After the night, one player dies after a vote by the group. Werewolves win if a citizen dies and no werewolf dies. Civilians win when a werewolf dies.

The game contains many unique roles that players can play. The drunkard doesn’t really know what he has done this night and takes on a random other, unused role. The rioter causes chaos in the village and the thief steals another player’s role. There are many more roles. These roles make the game challenging and surprising.

The game is played within 10 minutes, which makes the group beg for more games/rounds. Because of the accompanying app on the phone, there is also no need for a game leader (which is the case in a “normal” game of werewolves). A must have for lovers of secret role playing games like werewolves!